Marcello Anile Legacy: Science in Taormina

The Associazione Angelo Marcello Anile is pleased to invite you to a Satellite Event of the Ecmi2014 Conference, to be held in Taormina in the Hotel “Villa Diodoro”, on Sunday the 8th of June 2014, starting at 6 p.m.

The event will be focused on Marcello’s cultural heritage and will involve Marcello’s lifetime friends and students.

  • Prof. Giovanni Russo – Ecmi2014 conference Co-Chair, will talk about Marcello’s legacy.
  • Prof. Valerio Pirronello (Professor of Astrophysics, Università di Catania) member of the
  • Board of Directors, will talk about the Associazione Angelo Marcello Anile, its scope and goals.
  • Prof. Attilio Ferrari (Professor of Astrophysics, Università di Torino), member of the judging committee, will talk about the last edition of the Anile Prize, won by dr. Claudio Cremaschini.
  • Dr. Claudio Cremaschini will give a speech on his achievements in Astrophysics and Mathematics titled “Kinetic equilibria and stability of collisionless plasmas”.

The President of the Associazione and one of the Plenary Speakers of the Ecmi2014 Conference will officially present the Anile Prize 2013 to dr. Claudio Cremaschini.