2022 Doctoral Prize Assignment

The Steering Committee of the Angelo Marcello Anile Association, during the recent Ordinary Members' Meeting, endorsed the considerations of the Examining Commission - chaired by Prof. Orazio Muscato - regarding the awarding of the 2022 edition of the Angelo Marcello Anile Doctoral Prize.

The work of the Commission was long and complex and the Steering Committee warmly thanks all the professors who participated and in particular the Profs. Muscato, Ricci, Frezzotti, Sciandrone, Miller. As many as 18 doctoral theses in different fields of study were examined, as summarized in the summary below.

The Examining Commission deemed it necessary to award the prize ex-aequo to doctors Simone Chiocchetti and Stefano Boccelli for the following reasons.

 Dr. Chiocchetti performed  in his thesis a pioneering work in the construction of appropriate numerical methods for the non-standard formulation of the equations of continuum mechanics as a symmetric hyperbolic system with stiff source, originally proposed by Godunov, Peshkov, and Romenski. He showed that this mathematical modelling really works for real applications in different fields of continuum mechanics as multiphase flow and elasto-plastic solids.

 Dr. Boccelli was able in his thesis to establish cross-fertilization between applied mathematics and engineering by carefully balancing mathematical rigor and practical application to engineering problems. Moreover, it is worthwhile to remark that all the mentioned research topics are extremely close to the well-known body of work of the late Professor Anile.

Congratulations to the winners who will immediately receive the prize of 2500 euros each and who, during some event to be held in 2024 at the DMI in Catania, will be awarded the commemorative plaque of the Prize.