The Angelo Marcello Anile Association has established the


intended for a young graduate, in memory of the illustrious mathematician who passed away in November 2007.

In previous editions the prize was awarded to:

Annalisa Cappello, Ivan Martino, Claudio Angione, Alessio Sammartano, Emanuele Ventura, Alessio Moscariello, Maria Oliva.

Announcement for the awarding of the 2022 Angelo Marcello Anile Graduation Prize

The Prize is awarded in a single payment and is compatible with other types of scholarships, research or scientific prizes.
It is permitted to submit only one application to participate in the prize, i.e. it is not permitted to participate in the awarding of the prize multiple times. The amount of the Prize is set at Euro 1000.00.
The deadline for submitting applications to participate in the competition is set for 30 April 2022.
Graduates in Mathematics and graduates in Computer Science from the University of Catania can participate in the competition. Candidates must have obtained their Master's degree after 30 April 2019.
The questions of interested parties, drawn up on the participation form attached to this announcement, must be sent by e-mail (in PDF format) to the electronic address of the Association under penalty of exclusion from the competition, together with:
copy of the degree thesis
abstract in English of the degree thesis
curriculum vitae and list of exams taken during the Master's degree course with the grades reported.
A report on the thesis work carried out by the candidate drawn up by the thesis supervisor and sent directly by the same to the association's email inbox will be considered a useful element for the evaluation, but not essential for participation.
This report must also specify whether the work has already been submitted, or will be submitted, for publication in scientific journals.

The Award is indivisible and is awarded on the basis of a ranking drawn up by the Scientific Committee of the Association which will assign up to a maximum of 20 points for the university career and curriculum and up to a maximum of 80 points for the thesis work.
The final ranking will only include candidates with an overall score of at least 75, which means that the winner must have been assigned at least 75 points.
The Scientific Committee of the Association draws up a final report on its work and can decide not to consider any of the participants worthy.
The outcome of the competition will be published on the Association website and on the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science website by 31 October 2022 and the winner of the prize will receive written communication by that date.
The prize will be awarded to the winner during one of the events organized by the Association within the year 2022.
At this link you can download the announcement and the application form for participation in the prize: clicca qui