The association

Who we are

The Angelo Marcello Anile Association has been founded by his family to commemorate his memory, to preserve the special “style” that characterised his life and professional work, and to support scientific research in pure and applied mathematics with the same intellectual freedom which he had, trying to maintain the same vision and spirit of enquiry that he pursued during his career as a greatly-respected international scientist..

The Association has the following aims:

    • to promote and coordinate research, study, courses and meetings in pure and applied mathematics;
    • to establish links, collaborations and consultancies with Italian and foreign universities;
    • to support education by providing prizes and scholarships for deserving students.

Membership is open to individuals or institutions who support the objectives of the Association and who are interested in its proposed activities. Those wishing to join should make a written request to the Directive Council.

Where we are

Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science - University of Catania

Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science – University of Catania

The Association has its headquarters at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Catania, where Marcello (as his friends used to call him) taught for over 30 years.


Associazione Angelo Marcello Anile
Dip. di Matematica e Informatica dell’Università di Catania
Viale Andrea Doria, 6 – 95125 Catania


The association is run by:

    • the General Assembly, composed by:
      • Charter Members, who have the right to vote during the assembly
      • Ordinary Members , who can give advice and make proposals
    • the President: dott.ssa Marisa Lappano Anile
    • the Managing Board: dr. Marisa Lappano Anile, prof. Carmelo Anile, prof.ssa Mariastella Anile, prof. Valerio Pirronello
    • the Scientific Committee: prof. Carmelo Anile, Prof. Aldo Frezzotti, dr. Marisa Lappano Anile, prof. John Miller, prof. Giuseppe Mulone, prof. Valerio Pirronello, prof. Fulvio Ricci.
    • the Auditors: dr. Sebastiano Impallomeni, dr. Aldo Politi, dr. Felicia Musumeci.

Read the Association’s Statute (in Italian)